Guidelines for authors

As Noncodarnia has a compendium of contributors, things can get messy very fast. To maintain consistency across this website, and in the process generate a semi-professional  image (not necessarily content), please adhere to the following standard publication guidelines when submitting your content:

  1. All posts should be assigned to a category. The categories will correspond to an author’s topic, theme, or nickname (ex: Clarksy’s corner). If you have not yet been assigned a category, please select uncategorized until one is chosen; you should then edit previous posts to assign them to your category.
  2. Please unselect “Show likes on this page.” below the content window when submitting a post.
  3. Make sure you chose a format that reflects your post’s content. If no image, link, gallery or status is published, all posts should be in standard format. If a quote is the main content of the post, select the quote format. Otherwise, standard format should be used.
  4. You are free to edit your category’s main page as you wish, ensuring you select “Sidebar Template” so readers have easy access to posts in your category. This is the easiest workaround to avoid more expensive blog templates/private hosting.
  5. You are free to create child pages to your main category’s page (they will appear when your category page is moused-over). Ensure you select “Default template” for the latter. Also, please limit them to 2-3.

If you would like to contribute to Noncordarnia, please contact one of the administrators.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


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